Monday, April 1, 2013

Express make-up to make your eyes look really big!!

Hi! There are thousands of ways to put make-up on your eyes, but the most popular ones are the smoky eyes (that we will see soon), and the one that makes your eyes look bigger. However, on the second one, some girls take it too seriously and use it as anime (animated japanese cartoons) that look totally fake. The idea of the big eyes is still to make them look amazing, but not as a character that scaped from a comic.
However, in order to make it as a professional, you would take at least one hour (just in your eyes!!). But, here is a good option if you have only like ten minutes and you still wanna have amazing big eyes that are attention catchers :).
This make-up is perfect for day use, the night is always better with a little bit of drama ;)
It is really easy.

First, you have to have your skin prepared with concealer under your eyes (on the eye-bags zone), and with a nice foundation of your skin tone.
If you remember this was the picture of the end of last make-up tutorial, where I showed you how to apply foundation.  I added a little, little touch of almost white foundation between the edge of my eye (and under it) and the bridge of the nose.
If your eyebrows are very poor (like mine) I would strongly recommend you to retouch them with eyeshadow (not pencil if you wanna look more natural) because they frame the eyes, and just by that your eyes will look bigger.

Many girls ignore that if you use color-contacts, your eyes will automatically look bigger!! Even if they are the same color of your eyes. If you don't like the sensation, maybe you can leave them for special occations.

Step 1: Add a lighter color than your skin on all the eyelid.
I used this mac-color, but if you are darker you can go to a light brown, and if you are whiter to an extra white or even glossy color (even pink of very light purple is fine)

So here is all my eyelid cover with whitish eyeshadow, and the contacts :)

Step 2: You will need any color that is a little bit darker than your skin, but not too dark. Just few tones will be enough, and preferably in the brown palette.
Apply it all the way from the eyelashes till above the crease. And a thin line all the way under your eye as well.

Step 3: You will need either liquid or gel eyeliner (not pencil, that is for different kind of effects).

Apply a thin but visible line all the way by your upper eyelashes, and one by the outer half on the lower part of the eye, also by the eyelashes and extend the line just a couple of milimeters outside the eye. 

This picture had a lot of light, and you can barely see the line, but it is there ;) If you notice, my eyelashes end before the line, that means that the line is a little bit longer.

And step 4:
Curl your eyelashes, and add... LOTS OF MASCARA!
Yeah, that's the big secret! ;)
Here are two good options, but go for anyone you want as long as it is extra-volume.

You will need at least 2 layers. To apply them, paint one layer, on the upper and lower eyelash, then let it dry around half a minute, and then add the second one also on both. And don't forget the edges, the small ones! They are really important. 

And here it is! An extra large non exaggerated day look eye!!
Hope you liked!!

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