Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Special guest: Coco, Turkey has style!!

 I love the red shoes and the yellow blazer!
This beautiful girl with this amazing smile is from Turkey!!! You gotta love her style: it is easy, it is classy, it is nice and it makes you smile! I admire that power in people!!
She let me use her pictures in my blog after I asked her, because after I saw her smile, I thought she was real inspiration. Thank you Coco!
Yellow and blue always look cool together!

She has also a fashion blog if you wanna follow, it is great!

Turkey has the style!! :)


  1. Oh, dear Dharia you are awesome!! Thank you so much gorgeous!! You made me so happy❤

    1. Thanks to you! You are amazing!! :) I hope I can post your pickies again soon :)

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for your visit on my blog! He is "on standby" for the moment (until I finished my thesis...) but if you want, you can take some pictures from the blog ;)
    I like your blog, it's a great idea to show style from different countries!

    xoxo, Charlotte


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