Saturday, April 13, 2013

Costume time!

Pirate! The good thing about this one is that even if there is another pirate in the party, the costumes are almost never exactly the same :)

Something as burlesque-cheshire-cat. I had to improvise since the costume I was expecting got delayed in the mail (princess Leia in her slave costume)

And I used it the following year but I was fat by then, so I don't dare to show the whole body picture :p

Sexy Red Riding Hood!

And Mrs. Claus. I made my bf dress as Santa ;) 
Do you dare to use it in your Christmass dinner? 
Aside me is a piñata, it is full of candy and you're supposed to hit it with a stick with your eyes cover, one by one while the others sing untill it breaks, so everyone can have candy!

I absolutely love costumes! So Halloween is my favorite celebration. It is the perfect excuse to use a sexy outfit looking like a princess from a movie, a hollywood star, or whatever you want to be. So I decided to dedicate an entry to my past years costumes (also christmass) and encourage you to use one (in any occasion) and have a great time!!
Maybe you will get some ideas for your next party! :)

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