Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An outfit with jeans: how to look thinner

Maybe you have guessed I don't like trousers too much. I feel they make my hips look really big, but still we need to use them sometimes and a pair of jeans is a must in every girls' closet. So here is a suggestion of how to use them lookin thinner and not boring.

Add accessories!! I added a scarf to give volume to the outfit and a hat.
Platform shoes will always make you look thinner with any kind of trousers, but even more if they are tight, because they stylize your leggs and ass.
Also a tight top (not smaller than your size though, that is a fashion capital sin) in just one color also helps a lot. Preferebly in a dark color.

FASHION TIP: * If you hate that when you sit down everybody can see your undies: put the top INSIDE the jeans and use a belt!!!
 But not on top of the jeans. The idea is to don't cut your legs but make them look longer.

If you still think your outfit is boring, add something shiny! In this case I went for a bag. It is not CH though, it is a replica. 

Top: H&M basics four around 7 USD (but I got it like 2 years ago)
Jeans: Courtesy of my cousin :)
Scarf: Got it on a sale for around 5 USD last year
Shoes: I've had them for ages!!!
No makeup

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