Sunday, April 28, 2013

My version of an Erickson Beamon 2013 Necklace: A tutorial

All necklaces I've found from Erickson Beamon 2013 are over 670 USD :( They are beautiful, but I could never afford one.
And I totally fall in love with the one I just showed you!
So I decided to make my version! It is not as beautiful as the original one, but still quite decent :)
All you need is faux leather, jewelry rings, jewelry chain, lobster clasp and beads. All the production costed less than 10 USD!
 First I cut the pieces. I hate taking measurements so I did it all by hand and eye. The bad part is that if you do it that way perhaps you will have to correct some pieces later.

Then I put all the pieces together  with jewelry rings. You might use tweezers or your fingertips are gonna end up crying.


I added two chains on the extremes and at the end of one a lobster clasp, and then, you have to start pasting the beads the best you can. I didn't follow the original patern or I would have ended up frustrated if mine didn't look exactly like the original one. 

Pasting the beads is a long long hard work, so you have to be patient.

But if you manage to finish, at the end you will have...
A very decent home made Erickson Beamon necklace!!

I'll wear it tomorrow!

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