Thursday, April 11, 2013

An outfit with a skirt with flowers

Today we went out, so I decided to look a little bit classy. Since it is not hot, not cold, and we were going to be indoors, I didn't take any sweater with me, but long sleeves lace top. At the end I was very comfy with my outfit. I hope you like and enjoy.
Want a secret? The top is not a top, is a lace pajama I used on top of my spagetti straps black H&M top :)
I'm sorry I had my parking ticket on my hand for this picture!

And the belt is part of the skirt!
Black always makes you look thinner.

And boys find lace very sexy ;)

A dinosaur must be younger than these shoes, but they are so comfy!!

And since I was wearing lace AND flowers, I went for a discrete necklace :)

Do you want this make-up tutorial? Let me know!
This is my first day with green contacts and I really liked them, but for some reason with them my skin looks cold instead of warm... weird thing.

Top/dress: Leg avenue underwear dresses collection (around 2 years ago, but they are around 10 USD)
Spagetti string black top: You already know it ;)
Skirt: Got it on a sale for around 10 USD
Shoes: Vintage
Necklace and earings: Fantasy jewelry

Make-up: MAC
Since I posted before in this blog the things I was wearing wich I didn't mention their price, the entire amount of this outfit was around 20 USD!!

It is possible to keep it cheap and chic ;)

And, this has nothing to do with fashion, but today I prepared for the first time in my life wild boar with cryspy fat and spinachs a la creme as dinner for 5 persons! I never brag about my cooking, but since everyone gave kudos to me, I needed to say it ;)
 I really suck at putting the things on the dish, though... but I promise I'll improve :p

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