Monday, April 8, 2013

Improve a boring dress!

I just tried at home this dress, like this, and I thought that it looked boring and because of the cut, that made me look fat.
That's why I decided to use a belt, to show my waist, and the little boots that you already know (since everybody uses summer dresses with flip-flops, I wanted to push it a little bit farther)

And the black spagetti straps top under it to create some contrast and match it with the boots and belt. Embelished boots can add a lot of fun to a boring dress, and look defo more interesting than the flip-flops.
Some embelished ones are really expensive, but you can customize them on your own!! I'm gonna show you how soon ;)

The reason of the red bag is also to keep on the contrast and add a little bit of fun :)

Dress: Got it on a sale in H&M for around 8 USD
Earings: got them in H&M but I don't remember the price
Make-up: MAC

The messy hair also adds a little bit of fun to boring clothes or hair-do's. Just let some hair hang ;)

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