Saturday, April 6, 2013

My versions of designer necklaces

This is the first one I saw, I believe it is Akong, 2011
I haven't made any necklace in a long time, but recently, I was checking in some pieces of past seasons, and although they are beautiful, many of them are horribly expensive. So, since I have all the material needed and I had some time to spare, I said "why not?", and started working. I know they are not as beautiful as the ones on the stores, but they have special value since they are hand made :)

And here is my version with pictures of all the steps. If you want the tutorial more detailed, let me know :)

And ready! My interpretacion of a designer necklace!!

I was also checking in Accessorize, and I found another one I loved, so I decided to make something alike it with a twist (my personal signature), so, if you want a more detailed tutorial, or a step by step guide, let me know!!
This is the one I liked, and this was my personal twist:

I pasted the crystal beads on my own with fabric glue, one by one

I pasted the chain also with fabric glue

And ready!!!

I just spent on the chains, the lobster clasps and the jewelry rings, but if you are planning to make many, I would recommend you to buy jewelry tweezers, there are some internet sites where they sell you all the items you need to make jewelry for almost nothing!! :)

Hope you liked.

Remember: Keep it cool, keep it cheap, keep it real.

Today some readers from Ucrania, France and Peru joined us! Thnx to all of you!!

And this is a picture of my mess before I started working. I didn't have the idea very clear at the beginning so I took everything I had out:
If you are about to throw away that fake (or real) leather bag or jacket, don't!!! It might be very useful in things like this :)

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