Thursday, April 4, 2013

A grandma's advice to improve your skin!!

We all want perfect, silky, luminous skin, but with the age, that is always a little bit harder to get. The sun, the pollution, the cigarettes, alcohol, and even the daily meals don't help at all.
So, what can we do, in order to have a prettier skin each day and delay the age effects, without ending up entirely poor?
I read that Shisheido is for real the best brand on skin care on Earth, but once I saw the price of a tiny tiny cream in dutty free in an airport I almost fainted!!
So, again, just as with the hair, I was a very good girl and made my 2 months research before adding this entry to the blog and tried it on my own. It really worked!!
I interviewed a couple of grandmas that have for their age gorgeous skin, and then also researched online ;)
So, I tried with my own skin, which should be for you more than enough warranty because my skin is super sensitive, everything irritates it and causes rash. Be confident that if it worked for me, it will work for you.
So the grandmas' secret is...
Vitamin E!!!!
But... eating it? Noooooooooo... Putting it on your face!!! (you can also eat it, but you might gain weight!!!)
Yes, for real!
Get vitamin E in capsules, they sell them in any drug store without prescription. 
And they are really cheap!

Grab a capsule each 2 or 3 nights...

Cut it in 2 with a pair of scissors and squeeze it well!!

Put the oil that was inside the capsule all over your face, and let it act for around half an hour.

Then wash your face well... and in around 2 or 3 weeks, enjoy the awesome results!!!

:And to improve even more the results:

You can eat one capsule of vitamin A daily (that one wont make you gain weight)
Have lots of lemons, oranges or grapefruits (Vitamin C, also essential for the skin)
Use sunblock!!!!!
Use a serum at least once a day (before make-up is a perfect time)
Always remove the make-up of your face before going to bed.
Try to use neutral soap on your face, or with natural ingredients
Don't scratch rashes or bug bites! (that one is hard for me since I am allergic)

And about anti wrinkle creams: I will recommend some I like that are still low cost soon.
Don't miss it!!

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