Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring outfit, show your legs!

 If you wanna improve your super casual look, add a top with some volume and lots of color.
If it is very hot the last thing you wanna do is spend a long time in front of the mirror making your face look pretty to just go outside and sweat like crazy and loose your precious art creation... so how to avoid that? A little bit of foundation and mascara. And if you still don't feel in the mood to do it but you wanna hide your eye bags, use a nice pair of sunglasses and bingo!
Go for solid colors!

And use heels, even if you are using sandals, will make you look more stylized and trendy :)

Secret: the top I am using is actually a dress but it is so short and tight that I felt a little bit ashamed so I pulled it up a little bit and bingo! you have a nice top!

Dress used as top: Got it in a second hand market for 1 USD!!
Sandals: Got them on a sale in H&M for 6 USD last year
Make-up: Not wearing any

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