Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Make-up tutorial for your eyes more open with 70's eyeline :)

1._ Prepare your face with foundation, powder, blush and eyebrow eyeshadow as we have seen before

2._Use a thick brush to apply golden eyeshadow (any kind of light brown will help, pink or lila) all the way from the eyebrow till below the crease.

2._ Use a thick brush to apply white (ivory, cream, beige, very light brown, a lighter color than before) all the way from the upper eyelashes till the crease.

 3._ Blur it with your finger tips to mix it with the prior color and avoid a line between them.

 4._ Use gel eyeliner and paint a "thick" line (not too thick) above the upper eyelashes, from the interior eye border till around 2mm from the external border. When you get to the external eye border drag the line up in a vertical line a couple of mm. 

5._ Paint a very thin line under your lower eyelashes, from around 2mm after the interior border till around 2 mm from the exterior border and at the end drag the line a little bit lower in a vertical line. Maybe you are not used to this but don't be afraid :) I paint it from the outside to the inside.

6._ Use the same golden eyeshadow to paint a very thin line under the eyeliner. 

7._ Add 2 layers of mascara :)
To add 2 paint the first layer up and down, wait aroud 30 seconds to one minute to dry and then paint the second one.

8._ Choose a nice lip color...

and you're done!! 

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