Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to mix 2 prints in the same outfit for the first time

In this case I mixed the dress and the jacket.
Prada, Miu Miu, Cavalli and many others have set as a new trend to mix prints. It looks awesome on the runway... but for us, having normal lives and jobs, it can be a little bit risky, unless you are totally fearless (and if you are, I am really jealous, in a good way :) ). In many social environments, even though mixing 2 (or more) prints is really cool, can be seen as if you were a weirdo or a total eccentric.
But, if you love this new trend, and you are afraid to do it for the first time, there are few tips that can help you (at least to feel comfy and not too eccentric, and that is an ideal for a first time). If you are not experienced at breaking the "laws" with your outfits and you're dying to do it, better go little by little.

1._ Try to mix your prints in an outfit were you can take out at least one garment (like the jacket, or a shirt over the top), so, if you feel like really calling too much attention, you can take it off and have a break.

2._ Try to go with discrete colors and not too shiny: dark blues, greys, blacks, browns.

3._ Try your two prints to join the same palette of colors. In this case My jacket and my dress have both black and dark blue.

4._ Same as your accessories. In this case my bag is also blue.
And if you already feel too "shiny", avoid big earrings and necklaces or use small discrete ones.

5._ Try that the rest of your clothes is just one color.
In this case I went for black.

And you are ready! If you feel comfy, next time you can push it a little bit farther :)

Dress: H&M for around 20 USD
Shoes: Got them on a sale for around 8 USD
Jacket: Got it on a sale in H&M for around 13 USD
Shorts: H&M for around 15 USD
Bag and vintage style jewelry: You already know it!! ;)

Make-up: MAC

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