Friday, April 5, 2013

Animal print, brown and black

 Beach brown top on top of spagetti straps!
Animal print and stripes? Of course! Break the rules, go farther, have fun dressing, and enjoy!
I added a beach-top on top of a spagetti-straps top to look more casual and less black, and still, I can't quit wearing my leopard print shoes, or using the bag. I just love them!
How to make a short a little bit more formal, like for a dinner out? Wear high heels! Any kind: boots, pumps,   peep toes, anything goes well.
 Shiny necklace and belt!

You already know this necklace! (from Don't be afraid of red entry)

What about a stripes sweater for the time of the night it cools down?

And a crazy detail?

And printed shoes???

Mental note: I need white boots and/or shoes

Black top: H&M Basics for around 7 USD
Brown top: Courtesy of my cousin Lorena
Black shorts: You already know them ;)
Sweater: Got it on a sale on H&M for around 8 USD
Necklace, belt and earing: You already know them ;)
Shoes: You already know them, seen before here:
Bag: You already know it ;)
Make-up: I was just wearing foundation (MAC) and a little bit of mascara (MAC)

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