Thursday, October 17, 2013


I have a horrible secret... I smoke (no surprise because in some pictures on the first entries I appear with a ciggie on my hand), but the horrible secret is that I have -tried- to quit like a million times, and every single time, even if I have managed to not touch a cigarette for some months, something brings me back to the habit. So, since this time I am in Norway, I made the commitment of smoking TOPS one cig. a day, and between that, and an electronic ciggie that our neighbor gave to me, I have been super responsible not having more than one. I've already survived some days without any! So, it seems that this time is gonna be the good one!!
I think I'm gonna cut it completely with just my electronic cig in around a month, and then, god helps me, I'm gonna also start cutting the electronic one.
But with all this struggle there are some good news. After I reduced drastically my nicotine levels, a lot of energy came to me and suddenly I was up for walks on long distances (and I am not a walking person, since in Mexico City you practically depend on your car), and I've been walking at least 5km every single day. But this past weekend, on Saturday, I decided to push myself farther, and I managed to walk around 15 km with no pain in my feet or anything. It means I must be getting in shape!!
But... I hate hiking clothes!!! So, I took some stuff out of my closet that was comfy, light but warm, and here is the result before my walking adventure started:

 I got the walking boots/tennis for 1 USD in a flea market :)
The leggins are vintage
The dress/t-shirt is from H&M divided sales
No jewelry to be more comfy

And here are two pics I took on my way :)

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