Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Special guest: Super cool Emily Ann, USA

I love when people are not scared of making all kind of funny faces in front of the camera, like screaming, opening the eyes a lot, wrinkling the nose. To me, that reflects that the person is not shy, is funny and energetic! Defo someone to have fun with. And this is the case of Emily Ann, from Illinois.
I love her blog because it is totally different. She doesn't pretend to look super glamorous or as a top model with pictures with a lot of light and retouch, she is just her, in front of the camera doing whatever her mood tells her to. :) Love it.
And even if she is not trying to impress anybody, her face is fabulous! She is super pretty!!
So, since I like stripes a lot, here is the outfit I picked.
Thank you so much, Emily Ann!

I love how the nails match the sweater!!

♥♥ USA!! ♥♥

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