Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Special guests from Canada: Joelle and Zeke

And we come back to awesome Canada!!! In this entry I'm gonna introduce you to Joelle, a fascinating girl from Canada, and her adorable Boston Terrier, Zeke, that is her colleague in her fashion blog, here is the url: http://clothesbutnotquite.com  and Zeke is so much of a star that he has his own column!! I thought that was really great. Maybe Lorenzo could make it as a writer too!
Joelle is adorable, friendly, with a huge smile, and in her blog you can feel a lot of positivism and good vibes! I love that.
I picked this outfit, because, if you are wearing pants and a hat, it is difficult to steel look feminine, but she has a go go with long earrings, and heels. They will always add a feminine side to the most strong suit, and make it work perfectly together.
Thank you so much for letting me feature you here, Joelle, and hugs to Zeke! :)
Love the earrings!!

 I want shoes with metal endings!

Zeke was not part of the original photo shoot but he needed a place here. Lovely expression, Joelle! :)

❤ Canada 

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