Friday, October 11, 2013

Special guest: Beautiful Codie from Australia

I think that one of the things that makes a girl really pretty is the smile. But I am not talking about the perfect TV tooth paste smile, but a smile that when you see makes you feel good.
Some people have smiles that when you see, you immediately feel warm inside, with a nice feeling, happy and with a serenity difficult to describe, and that smile enlightens their whole face. And Codie it.
She is absolutely beautiful but there is something in her smile that I totally love. And I am sure that she is a person with a beautiful inside as well because her blog is full of nice energy pictures such as delicious desserts, her amazing trips, runway, makeup and many others; inspirational words, and of course, fabulous outfits! Here is her blog: Defo a must see!
I picked this outfit because I love the golden details when you are using a monochrome outfit (her necklace and rings are amazing), and who doesn't love YSL? I wish I had the same tee!
Thank you so much Codie!!! :)

 I want those shoes!!

❤ Australia!!! 

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