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Marilyn Monroe inspired makeup tutorial

I don't have her face, and I definitely wont ever be a sex symbol as she was, but we all love her! She was unique, sexy, charming, adorable, no one could resist her!
She was totally beautiful without makeup (I've googled some of her pictures), but her signature look was big eyes with ultra long eyelashes and super red lips.
With red lips I look as a clown, so I softened them in a dark pink, but if you like the tutorial, you can change the lip color for red, and I didn't use false eyelashes, and they were a total must for her, but still, I think that I got the idea pretty good.
And again: I didn't try to make an exact replica, but I got the things I liked the most from her looks for this tutorial.

She used fake eyelashes on the outer corner of the eye (just half set) to make her eyes bigger and more open, and she DIDN'T use powder, because she liked the skin to have some glow.

Sometimes I don't use powder either, and sometimes I don't put it on my customers, but it totally depends on your taste. I like a soft shine because the skin looks juicy, but if your skin is greasy, probably is not a good idea. 

The makeup

The steps:

1: The skin
 After your concealer and foundation, either if you use powder or not, you have to apply either a touch of white eyeshadow, glossy white concealer, or a lighter concealer or foundation than your skin tone in the points that the arrows show. It is very important to blur and I love to do that with the tip of my fingers: Forehead, chin, sides of the nose, above the cheekbones.

She used to make her face thinner accentuating her cheekbones with shadow under them.
For that, I would recommend a very soft line, and then blur it after the foundation UNDER the cheeckbones of around 1 inch (3cms).
If you want a deeper effect, paint a fake birthmark as a spot under the outer corner of an eye (as Ditta Von Tease) or aside your mouth, as Marilyn. Unless you already have one :)

2: The eyes

 She used them thick and well defined, so this time I made mine a little bit thicker and I also used more color.

 First layer: As the image

 Second layer: As the image. And blur it afterwards.

 Follow the picture. If you want more drama, then add half a pair of fake eyelashes on the outer corner of the eyes as well.
If you want less drama, then, instead of using eyeliner under the eye, use black eyeshadow, as thin as you can, and just one layer.
MASCARA: Tones (with or without drama). Marilyn was addicted. I used 3 layers.
Lower and upper lashes.

 It is important that you add blush above the line of shadows you previously have painted after your foundation, and to pull up with your brush. To softer the effect blur with your fingers. I went for pink but you can try whatever you feel matches your skin the best.

 The lips have 3 steps: Lipliner (one or two tones darker than your lipstick) pull it inside the lips with a brush or your fingertips, and line either on top of your lips lines, or a little little bit outside.
Then, use your lipstick. I would recommend to use a brush to apply 3 layers. 
And third: With either white gloss or white glossy eyeshadow, paint a spot on the middle of your lower lip, very softly so you can't feel the edges. That makes the lips immediately more juicy.

What I made different:
No false eyelashes (I don't have any by the moment)
Pink lipstick instead of red
The lower eyeliner was thicker than she used to wear it (I like it better like this)
My eyebrows are considerably thinner than hers, so even if I made them a little bit thicker, will never look as wonderful as hers :)

The result:

That's it! I hope you liked it!!

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