Thursday, October 31, 2013

Special guest: Justine, USA Happy Halloween!!

Justine has kind of a dark personality (I love it, makes her unique), she dresses most of the time in black, and she even claims that she loves "looking dead". She reminded me of Lydia of Beetlejuice :) . And she also says that with an outfit like the one she is wearing, she is completely comfortable anytime of the year (That includes summer and Christmas I think). But don't you just love when someone pops out just because they are being themselves?
I insist: she is not particularly dressed for Halloween, but I loved the outfit so much, kind of looking like Wednesday Addams, that I think it is the total Halloween look. And who doesn't love Wednesday Addams? 
Justine looks I don't know... dark-adorable? Darkorable? 
Check her blog! . If you are into dark mood, accessories, colors, and weird funky accessories, like Minnie Mouse ears or super big hear shaped sunglasses, this is the blog for you :)
Thank you so much, Justine!!

I loooove her boots!

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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