Monday, October 7, 2013

Special guest: Astonishing Milene from Portugal

I've had before some guests from Portugal in here, and I love them!!! Stylish, sweet, kind, nice, and of course with great looks!
Milene is no exception. She has fabulous deep eyes and a heart taking smile!! Her blog is full of fabulous pictures of style, beauty products, nails, and it is in Portuguese AND in English!! Which is great because sometimes the automatic translate does a lot of funny things.
Here url is: don't miss it.
I chose this outfit because it is super edgy and not very feminine, but she manages to look really sensual and girly with it, and I love when this kind of contrasts happen!! But in her blog she also has girly-girly outfits that I love! It is great when you can be versatile :)
And I leave you here with fabulous Milene :)

 This picture was not part of the outfit but I just love her face so much that I had to put a close-up. Don't you think she is lovely?
Thank you so much Milene!!

❤ Portugal 


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