Saturday, October 26, 2013

Elizabeth Taylor inspired makeup tutorial

Her iconic purple eyes.
Who doesn't love Elizabeth Taylor? She had amazing features, probably the most gorgeous eyes in history (purple, due to a congenital "defect" that also made her lashes darker), an amazing figure, and awesome acting skills. Have you ever seen her in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? She doesn't even look like her and the acting is absolutely wonderful.
Another one of her trademarks was her short ultra black hair, that made her look really classy, so, to achieve a total Elizabeth's look, is practically impossible unless you have awesome black short hair, purple eyes, neck and chin to die for, and a natural double layer of eyelashes ;) but anyway this makeup tutorial was INSPIRED on her. I hope you like it.

The makeup I chose: Hat on a Cold Tin Roof movie:

The tutorial:

Liz didn't use them, but I don't have her lashes :)

A bombshell:

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