Friday, October 25, 2013

Special guest: Sweet Eneli from Estonia

She is always smiling in her pictures! I love that :)
And her blog is full of decor inspiration pictures, with awesome colors, instagram beautiful moments and her adorable pets, that include a very funny cat and her dog. I can't resist when a blog (whatever the theme is) includes pictures of pets, after all they are our companions and they never say "shut up" when we are moaning about anything. She also has makeup and beauty products reviews, very practical!
Lovely hair and forelock, nice taste, and  sweet personality, she is Eneli, from Estonia, here is her blog: .And it is in Estonian and in English!
 I picked this outfit because it is perfect for autum! :), I like how grey softens black, and besides warm, it is super chic AND comfy! Perfect for a day in the country.
Thank you so much, Eneli :)

And this little ball of fur, is Genka, her cat :) Awwwww

♥♥ Estonia ♥♥

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