Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Special guest: Classy Mary from Austria

I wanna go to Austria! Can I stay with anyone just a couple of days? Please!! :) Well, last time I had a special guest from Austria was Theri, and I mentioned the landscapes, Sissi, and the Sound of Music, but I forgot stunning Hedy Lamarr. But I'll go to that later.
I found Mary not long ago in the Indepedient Fashion Bloggers community and I got totally hooked up with her style and her pictures on the streets of Vienna! She looks fabulous. I love her style, classy and sober, her beautiful face features and her special attention to details like jewelry or bags. I totally love it!!! Her blog is full of beautiful pictures you cannot miss :) http://leaving-the-micropolis.blogspot.co.at
And well, besides my passion for Austria, everybody knows that I totally love the old Hollywood style of the divas, and the vintage and retro pictures. I try to see as many vintage movies as I can (but after mute film, I generally have trouble concentrating with the mute one, hard to accept), and I am a total fan of the Godesses that dominated the screen on the 30's, 40's, 50's and some of the 60's. I could mention maybe a hundred, but since my lovely special guest, Mary is from Austria, I'll focus in perhaps the prettiest Austrian face in Hollywood in the golden era. Hedy Lamarr. Not many people know, but she was also a scientist and she co-invented the early frequency hopping, that later, more evolved, became indispensable for cellphone and bluetooth signal. Austria defo must be proud of her.
And back to Mary, I picked this outfit of all the wonderful ones she has, because I love the combination of white, black and red, it is always perfect. The white softens the black and red mix, and makes it eternally chic. And in her case, if you just the black just on the details, like the hat and/or the bag, the combination is quite soft, exquisite, and at the same time, ready to be the center of attention. :)
And here is astonishing Mary.
Thank you, Mary!! ♥ ♥

And forever beautiful and loved Hedy Lamarr:

I think it should be illegal to be this pretty :) 
I might write a makeup tutorial like the one she is wearing, would you like to see it? :)

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