Saturday, October 19, 2013

Special guest: Awesome Theri from Austria

I am dying to know Austria! One of my favorite movies is The Sound of Music, I remember watching it very young, and (after I discovered her in Mary Poppins) I became a huge fan of Judy Andrews, so, I tried to follow everything she made, and when I saw The Sound of Music, I fell in love with the landscapes, the constructions, everything!!!
I also remember watching Sissi when I was very young and I just wanted to be like her!!! Would any one let me stay with them in Austria for a couple of days? :)
And although Romy Schneider (Sissi) and Julie Andrews (Maria in The Sound of Music) were never considered fashion icons, I love their style! I know Romy and Julie are not Austrian, but the movies I mentioned, reminded me of them :) And who doesn't love them? ♥
Theri is from Austria! And I love love love her style, and her pictures are amazing! The colors are perfect, the style is amazing, her face is absolutely beautiful! You gotta check her blog! :)
It was really hard for me to pick an outfit, but I went for this one, because grey is not a color that I have too much in my wardrobe and I think it is perfect to balance a high contrast, or for a neutral outfit :)
I loved the simplicity of this outfit and yet how it is super chic!!
Thank you so much, Theri!!

I totally love the "messy" hair!!! :) and the flat shoes give the look a girlish touch that I am crazy about!

Romy Schneider in Sissi :)

I love Romy Schneider's haircut and scarf!!

Julie Andrews in perhaps my favorite (And most Iconic) scene from The Sound of Music

Julie Andrews getting the Oscar with her iconic short hair. 

♥♥ Austria ♥♥

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