Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Special guest: Cherie, Goth beauty from Australia

Here is a photomanipulation I did of her ;)
Dark Angel
I have a lot of Goth friend and they have asked me about a chic Goth outfit. I generally tell them something about not overdoing it like velvet, lace and 10 cms platforms all together, or if they absolutely love ultra big accessories, to go just for one,  because, even if you are into goth, you might end up looking like a Christmas tree if you use everything at the same time. Also if you wanna soften your image even more, go for skirts.
Same goes if you have your hair has a fantasy color, the attention will go to it, so you don't wanna look extra charged with hair, velvet, accessories, heels and on and all the other stuff that some use all together.
And Cherie totally gets it! She is using short heel ankle boots with this fabulous dress that she models either with the chest of it up, down or with a jacket, and she only wears a small necklace. No hats, no lace, no velvet, no patent leather. The lines on her tights making a nice balance with her top, and she is not using too much makeup. I think it is just perfect, she looks strong, indeed Goth, but stylish, cute and girly! Yes, you can be Goth and Chic :)
Her blog is adorable. It is full of Halloween tips, DIY, makeup, decoration, and all kinds of outfits where the main color is black, so, to expand our fashion horizons and check how different styles actually can work together, visiting it is a must! Here is her url: http://www.cherrielamode.blogspot.com.au/
Thank you so much, Cherie!!

♥♥ Australia ♥♥

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