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Concealer tricks: Makeup Tutorial

Many girls think that the concealer is just to avoid the eye bags, but there is nothing as wrong as that. Generally we all have one or two defects we would love to either correct with plastic surgery (but not all of us can afford it) or to hide them for ever. But the concealer can make you sculpt your face in many different ways, make you hide wrinkles, zits, zit scars, dark spots, red spots, and many things. So, here are few secrets on how to improve your face with concealer before applying the foundation.
Many movie stars use ALL these tricks at once, but perhaps you just need help in one or two things. I don't use all of them, and sometimes I combine different things, depending on the effect I want, what I am wearing, where I am going, and all that.
Many of my clients get surprised after I finish applying makeup on them saying something as "my face looks way much thinner" "I look younger" "my wrinkles seem smaller", "I look full of light". And the secret is in the concealer.
What colors to use:
First, I would recommend you all to have a concealer palette (cream), and if you prefer it liquid, to have as many colors as possible, but the most important ones are: one 2 tones darker than your skin, one 2 tones lighter than your skin, green, and pink.
I would recommend you all to get something like this, it is like the one I use:
What to apply it with:
I would recommend either a soft sponge, or your fingertips, since concealer is generally thicker than the mascara, it is possible to handle with brushes, but way much more difficult.

How to apply it:
First rub with your finger tips (or sponge) a line in the area that you want it and then blur the edges pulling the color with your finger tips little by little. It is extremely important that you blur the edges, otherwise when you apply the foundation you will look like a coloring book. First and after:

What tricks can I do with concealer?
Wow... many! but I'm just gonna mention a few:

1._ Eye bags:
At least two tones lighter than your skin under your eyes, as low as your eye bags are.
If you apply very light you will look like a raccoon, so you have to be careful.

2._ Dim freckles and/or birthmarks:
I love freckles, but many girls don't, so if you wanna dim yours, or a dark spot or a birthmark, then you have to go for green. Soft green on top of the spot, blurring it on the edges. With the foundation it won't look green at all.

3._ Dim zits, zit scars, scars and red spots:
Either your exact skin tone, one tone lighter, or pink (very soft pink) on the spot, blurring it on the edges. It won't look pink at all after the foundation.

4._ Upturn your nose:
Dark concealer on the lower part of your nose (the part that doesn't get sunlight).

5._ Make your nose thinner:
First, you have to cover all your nose with way much darker concealer than your skin. When you blur the edges, if you do it carefully, the color will be confused with the rest of your skin and with the foundation won't look as a dark spot anymore. And then, on the middle, you have to paint a straight line as long as your nose, as thin as you want it. I recommend around half a centimeter to not look as an anime character. Blur the edges on top, and be very careful when you blur to the sides, otherwise both colors will get mixed.

6._ Make your cheeks look thinner:
Paint two dark thin triangles, one of each side of your face exactly under the cheek bones. For this you will need a very dark color. And remember: Blur the edges!

7._ Make your entire face look thinner:
Paint two spots, one on each cheek: from the lower part of your cheek bone all the way to the middle of the eye, and all the way to the end of your face. If you don't blur the edges with this one, you might look older, so be careful.

8._ Enlighten your face:
You can choose from one to all the sports marked on the picture: outside the eyes in the shape of a "v" with the interior facing the eyes. A tiny "v" in the interior of the eyes with the internal part facing the eye. A circle on your chin, or a triangle (this can be an oval too) on your forehead. In order to create the effect of light, it needs to be at least 3 tones lighter than your skin. If you blur the edges, once you apply the foundation, no one will notice and you will look full of light :)

What tricks I am using:

1._ Eye bags.
2._ Make your nose look thinner: In my case, it is not too make it thin. My nose is twisted after a car accident, and I use the same trick to straighten it.
3._ I made my cheeks thinner.
4._ I'm enlightening my chin.
I hope you liked it!!

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