Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gettin' ready for Halloween

Every year my friends and I organize in Mexico a Halloween party. We also celebrate the "Day of the Death", but that is a very different celebration where the only main costume is the Catrina, a woman skeleton. Even Halloween is not a "Mexican" celebration, it happens that my friends and me love the "dark" vibe in these days and I totally love costumes. But this year there were two problems: Costumes are horribly prisy in Norway, and I would spent a lot of money I don't have throwing a Halloween party in Norway without my best friends being here. So, we moved it, and we are gonna have a Post-Halloween party at the end of November. While in Norway, though, I am spending beautiful days with my love, Andrew, so I can't complain at all. I feel happy!
Meanwhile, I wanted just an accessory that reminded me the pagan rites of Halloween, Samhein, or however you wanna call it, and I found a fabulous cat cap that was also really cheap. So, skipping the actual costume for a while, here are two versions of the same outfit with my Cat on the head.
In Norway, people are not used for other people being "different", so if you paint your hair in many colors, use leather from head to toe, or use a cat-cap for example, everybody looks at you. I still don't know if I love that or I hate it :p , but after I put it on, everybody stared at me like if my skin was green and I was walking naked.
So, for all you who are gonna celebrate Happy Halloween!!

Outfit details:
Stripes jersey: I stole it from Andrew
Black lace top: Bikbok
Cotton top under the lace one: H&M

Happy Halloween!

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