Friday, October 4, 2013

Special guest: Lovely Simona from Lithuania

I started chatting with Simona in IFB yesterday, and I was so excited that besides being absolutely lovely and sweet (she immediately replied my messages), she is really smart! She is just 18 years old and has an absolutely fantastic taste for fashion, astonishing photos, and the most beautiful face! I wish I looked like her when I was 18!!
Anyway, perhaps what I liked the most about her blog, is that she tends to mix black and white with bright colors, just as me! And she also loves big accessories! You can check it out in her url: ! I'm defo gonna use her as inspiration in some of my outfits.
And about the pictures and outfits, all of them are beautiful, but I picked this one because I haven't seen many girls wearing tights with color besides me, and I love them. I think many girls are scared of bright, solid and/or bold colors, but if you wanna shine they are a go-go!!
Thank you so much, Simona! :)

The outfit is very "simple" but with the stripes, the shoes and the tights, it is super chic :) Love it!

❤ Lithuania 

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