Sunday, October 27, 2013

Special guest: Lovely Tanii from Switzerland

I'm a bad, bad girl! One of my best friends lives in Switzerland and I have never gone to visit her, however, she knows I love her! Anyway, each time I see pictures of Switzerland (street style, architecture, landscapes, food), I say to myself: Why the heck haven't you gone yet? and I don't know!! But I promise that one of these days I'm gonna start saving some money and then it will be one of my priorities.
And in this entry, I'm gonna introduce you to Tanii. And she will answer with her outfit many questions about fashion. Do eclectic mixes work? Like formal clothes, with casual clothes, with urban shoes? Of course! You only have to know how to do it.
Tanii is a master on the eclectic outfits, she mixes all kinds of stuff in one outfit and she manages to make it work every single time. You have to check her blog: , for example velvet with stripes (sounds crazy but it works!), and many other things that you can't miss.
And I chose this outfit because I don't think I would use it but I love how it looks! I don't like how converse look on me, so I don't use them, but for all the readers that do, here is an awesome outfit with them :) Casual, comfy, and chic.
The special guests give me the option to show to my lovely readers many other styles besides mine, and many ideas that I don't use but that work, because I would never try to impose a style, the most kinds, the better, and the most ideas, the better as well.
Thank you so much, Tanii!

♥♥ Switzerland ♥♥

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