Thursday, October 10, 2013

Special guest: Fabulous Raquel Sofia from the UK

And yes! Raquel Sofia is an absolutely beautiful fashion blogger (of course!!), she loves fashion, and she lives in the cosmopolitan UK!!! I miss the UK so bad, I wanna go!!! Just last year I was in Scotland and a couple of years ago in London!!! Her style is totally different than mine, minimalist! And I love it!!! Check her blog: . It has fabulous pictures of her, the last reports and trends in fashion, runway and street style pictures. It is defo worth to read!
I picked this outfit because I absolutely loved the Zara rounded shoulder sweater. And the reason is that I didn't think it would look good when I saw it online, but it looks just fabulous on her. But careful!! I would recommend it only if you have a long neck as Raquel! And we all love how much I love monochrome! :)
Thank you so much Raquel, you are beautiful and chic!!

❤ UK 

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