Monday, October 21, 2013

Special guest: Crazy dog mom like me, Caitlin, USA

 If you use loose tops like her you'll look more stilized :)
I found Caitlin in the Independent Fashion Bloggers community not long ago, and I went crazy with her blog because she is an obsessive dog mom like me: trying to look after her dogs happiness all the time. And her dogs are gorgeous!!! Of course you will see a picture at the end of this entry, who could resist so adorable creatures!! ♥♥
There is also something very important about Caitlin: She is beautifully curvy  but she is also PROUD of it! And I am so happy. Many girls (including myself) have problems accepting themselves no matter if you are 5 or 6 feet tall (1.50 or 1.80) or if you are 42 kilos or 80 (94 pounds or 160). And in her blog, she has many pictures that make her look amazing, taking advantage of the best part of her curves with some pieces and fabulous combinations. I think it is great!
So, for this entry, I picked a special entry on her blog where she had many pictures of different outfits, because I think she is a truly inspiration for curvy or bigger girls that ignore that can look as great as her!
Thank you so much Caitlin!!

 The short hair makes wonders for round faces :) if you like it short but your face is long you have to go in layers, and not a round cut as her :)

 You can use any kind of prints if they are big, as this one! It is a go, go!

 A jacket that is stretch on the waist is always super cool for this type of body!

The beautiful dog family: Caitlin with her husband Erik and the two babies: Benny and Rocky ♥♥ I wanna pet them!

 Benny ♥♥

Rocky ♥♥
I wanna have a million dogs!!!

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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