Friday, October 18, 2013

Special guest: Sarah, USA, Vintage and Modern

I think last week, Sarah and I had the chance to meet in IFB. I was immediately hooked by her style, because it is totally unique. She loves vintage clothes, and she even has a store, but she wears everything in a super contemporary way, looking modern in a very special way, because the pieces she uses are also very special, and to make it even better, she contrasts it with a gorgeous candy pink hair! I've been thinking about painting my hair that way because I love it but I am not brave enough!!! However, I love how she looks! Candy pink on the hair is a mix between punk and sweet! Perfect balance!!
She talks a lot about books on her blog, and I think that is something we should never forget, and I haven't read some of the books she mentions, defo a must!
I totally love her blog, her style, her smile, and her looks!!! She is an inspiration!
Her url:
Thank you so much Sarah!!! ♥

I love it!!! :)

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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