Friday, November 1, 2013

Special guest, Aurora from the USA, perfect for Autumn

Don't you love the leafs falling and the golden colors of autumn? In Mexico City there is no Autumn because it is always hot (and when it is "freezing" we are at around 8 C), and in Norway, many trees are made for winter temperatures, so not all of them change to the warm colors I love.
However, walking in the forest in the afternoons, I do that sometimes, and try different paths all the time, eventually you get lucky and find a place where all the trees are loosing their leafs and it looks magical! But I haven't been able to get a really nice picture of those places.
I love walking on dry leaves, is like the most beautiful natural carpet :)

 And for autumn, no doubt, the best thing you can have in your closet is a pair of jeans... but I don't like them! You will hardly ever see me on jeans, and generally when I use them is because I'm gonna go to the country side or horseback riding. I find denim very heavy (maybe because a long time ago I was a dancer, and they took away a lot of mobility), and thick. But I know jeans are a must in everybody's wardrobe. That's why I chose this beautiful outfit from Aurora. She looks stunning in jeans and she is wearing a lovely jersey where there is some orange (an autumn color) and brown boots (another autumn color). You know how much I love glasses, and she looks lovely on them. She is from the States, she has a lovely face, big expressive eyes, and a very nice style :)

Her style is easy-chic, very relaxed, and I fell in love with the leafs on this pictures.
If you like easy fashion, not too complicated pieces, not many layers, and to feel comfy, her blog is the place for you to visit:
Thank you so much, Aurora.

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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