Monday, November 11, 2013

A day remodeling

If you have been following this blog recently, I haven't update pictures of me on the last week because I am remodeling my room from scratch in Mexico. That means even taking the old paint away, washing the walls, and eventually painting the old furniture just as getting some new stuff, new curtains and some other things. I didn't ask for any help at all to test myself and also to keep myself busy. I am super tired and I ended up covered in dust. However, by 5 pm, I wore the first thing I found to take Lorenzo to the park, after a shower. I am not covered in orange dust on the picture anymore, but I am not using any makeup or accessories because it was a quick outfit just to take Lorenzo to have some fun after he had been assisting me with his company all day long. And I was not even planning to update them, but I got a lovely private message saying that they miss MY pictures :) I felt so proud. I swear that after I am done I'm gonna go back to uploading outfits at least once each third day.

All the clothes (as well as the shoes) are presents from my lovely friend Maricarmen. We exchange clothes when we don't use it anymore and I totally fell in love with the capris and the shoes, but I swear I'm gonna make a more creative outfit with this clothes very soon!

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