Thursday, November 28, 2013

Special guest: Astonishing Zelle, USA

When a girl is pretty, stylish and unique (as all my beautiful guests, from all over the world), sometimes instead of a delight it is a pain in the ass to choose an outfit, because they are so good, and I love them all and I know I can just choose a couple of pictures for my blog!!
Just like with Zelle, my alluring guest this time. She is from my beloved USA (Where they just celebrated Thanksgiving), and to make things even better she is lovely. Her blog is full of fashion tips (accessories and clothes) that you should check out :)
And the reason why I chose this outfit is because (you might know by now) I very rarely use jeans, and even less with boots, I feel they take a lot of mobility away, but I love how she looks. Girly, chic, and perfect for Autumn.
Thank you so much, Zelle!

You know I can't resist pictures with puppies! I just wanna hold this one all day!

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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