Friday, November 8, 2013

Would you wear it? Our first collection Sketches

Zael and Dharia's first clothes and accessory collection Sketches

Would you wear/use it? Please comment!

Woman's casual dress

Cellphone case (Unisex)


Shoes: Perhaps my favorite piece!!
I have never thought about designing my own clothes, because honestly I am so picky and perfectionist, that although I admire many things from many people, I feel I am never gonna be nearly as good as them, and I keep on leaving that "dream" behind. 

Man's shirt

However, I know that my taste is perhaps a little bit edgy, very particular, and why not to say it? Good.
So, after a chat with a very close friend, that I'm gonna mention later, I told him basically that (for me) the fabric says a lot of the garment (if not nearly all). Color, quality, and of course, print (when it has a print).
Cavalli and Hermes are so famous for their amazing prints, and also Mary Katrantzou (that I can think of now). Many designers indeed, give special attention to the print.  

                                                                        Woman's Bag

Anyway, my friend is a fabulous multidisciplinary artist (graphic design, paining, sculpture, mixed media with different materials) and I've always admired his paintings and his work. So, after a chat this week, I told him that I was tired that when they put a replica of piece of art, is only on the front or back of a t-shirt, and then I said "I would go to all the fabric, as long as it had a nice cut". And then I thought that his paintings would be the bloody perfect print for a unique and artistic set of clothes!!!
Then his eyes shined, and thought about making a collaboration! And here is the preliminary result of our collaboration. The pieces don't have yet the final cut, neither the final print, but he made a sketch of how our collection would look like (the original one would be improved, if we do it). My skills in fabric and cuts, and his fabulous skills in painting, I think make a very good team! So, again, this is not the "finished" collection, but if we launch it, we would like to see what people think about it first. :) I was also thinking in, even though if the clothes is printed, to make him sign BY HAND each piece, so then, you would be wearing for real a unique piece of art :)
His name is Zael Von Mazon, and here are his links!
So, would you wear/use them?  I actually would! ;)
And to end, his finished portrait of.... ME!! I feel so proud!

Love it, love it, love it!!

... and: The artist, Zael Von Mazon

Please remember that even if the cuts are inspired in big designers cuts, they are not the final work, I have to improve the clothes design and cut, and also, that Zael's material is Copyrighted :) This is just a sketch. :)

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