Sunday, November 10, 2013

Special guest: Maria from Spain, golden girl :)

I'm not gonna bore you today with how much I love Spanish girls and how much I love Spain (even if I haven't been there, yet), and how gorgeous I think the girls and boys are... party people, bla bla bla. I just love them! And I met Maria not long ago. I remember the first thing that took my eye was her awesome long blonde hair. I had it that long once, but it never looked that strong and gorgeous! Abundant, curly, beautiful! I think that the only way my hair would look like that would be using a wig. She is super nice, friendly and I love her style and her blog!
And the reason why I chose this outfit is because I've NEVER dressed in golden and even less mixing green with gold. I hate green (on me), and I am scared of golden, funny thing, not of red, orange or yellow. But at the end I totally loved how she looks so I couldn't miss the chance to show to my readers an outfit that I never dreamed about wearing until I saw it in such a beautiful girl. Hurray colors!
Thank you so much, Maria!

 I love the bag as well, and the watch! 

I saw the pic with the little doggy and I couldn't resist! ♥♥

♥♥ Spain ♥♥

And about me: Well, no pics for a couple of days because I am remodeling my room in Mexico from scratch. Taking the furniture out. The old wood decorations on the wall, scratching the paint, washing the walls (before the paint), and later on painting, painting the furniture that I will still use and on and on... so if you see me right now I look like a boy covered in dust (well, not after my shower, but all day long). Since I use it also as a studio for image consulting and makeup on some clients, I also want it more classy. It is gonna look something like this: 
The designer of this room is Nicole Loiacono and I am using this as inspiration.
Do you like it? :)

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