Sunday, November 3, 2013

Special guest: Skye, crazy edgy from the USA

Do you know Tavi Gevinson? She is a crazy wonder kid that knows everything that is to know in fashion. Knows Ana Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, and the biggest of the biggest in the fashion industry, and all started with her fashion blog and her very particular "granny" style. I mean Granny in a good way because although she uses pieces proper of your grandmother, she adds a twist on them (on the mixing, specially) that look vintage-modern, and super cool. I don't love all of her outfits, but some really rock! Then I met Skye on the Independent Fashion Bloggers community, and she reminded me a lot of Tavi, but with her very own style. She uses pieces that look vintage too, but (maybe because her hair is blue, or her makeup quite dramatic), she looks... how to say? vintage-modern? granny-cool? granny-sexy? I don't know, but I really like it!! If you like vintage or retro pieces, and super edgy combinations, her blog is the place for you to visit! . She also asked me to make a mention of her photographer, Nathan Riehl saying that she could not be doing what she is doing in her blog if it was not because of him. I checked the pictures and they are great!
The reason why I picked this outfit is because she totally managed to make a retro outfit and at the same time she looks really sexy AND edgy... is it because of the sunglasses? I don't dare to use sunglasses with shapes but I love how they look! Or is it because of the red heels? I don't know but red heels always rock!
Thank you so much, Skye!

This is not part of the outfit, but I love the coat, the bag and the shoes!! :)

And about me... Well, I'm flying to Mexico in around 14 hours and although I'm kinda happy of seeing my mom, my dog, my turtles, my mom's cat, and my best friends... (I can mention them, but they are more than I thought when I was planning in saying few names) I am also very sad that I'm not gonna see my love in two months... I know we have many things to look forward, but I don't like this. To make things even worse, it is Sunday in Norway, and I don't like Sundays here, it is the most boring day of the week, nothing is open. It has been raining nonstop for nearly 24 hours and now it is getting dark at around 4.30 PM... So, I kinda feel even the weather and the Country have a complot to make me feel sad. Well... I think my next post will be from Mexico.

Tavi Gevinson and her granny style

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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