Monday, November 18, 2013

Paul Watson: An Amazing Photographer

Lady Gaga, by Paul Watson (copyrighted)

I have a very good friend from England that is what we all bloggers and photographers wanna be: A successful photographer (and incredibly good).
He has photographed many celebrities either in performance or backstage suck as Lady Gaga, Mika, Aha, Madonna, U2, Rolling Stones, and many others and in his client list we can find the very same Vogue (yes, VOGUE!!), the Madonna Confessions Tour, Aha, and the BBC!! (Just to mention a few). He is the most talented and achieved photographer I've ever met and besides that he is a great person.
He invited me to his place in the Country side of England a couple of years ago where I spent nearly a month and was one of the best trips in my life. However I was to silly and I didn't ask for tips from him to improve my pictures but I had the chance to watch him while working with his fabulous equipment and I think that I also learnt a lot from him.
Well, of course, we still keep in touch, and although I am in no way competing with him, and I don't even call myself a photographer, I dared to ask him what he thinks of my "work". And he said it is actually good!! And to keep working, that I was on a good way!!  I felt so flattered!!! Specially coming from who it is coming! So, of course after saying that he likes what I am doing, I'm gonna keep on working more than ever.
If by any chance you haven't heard of him, you have to visit his website: , you'll love it!! (I check it all the time, he is a true inspiration).
 Madonna, by Paul Watson (copyrighted)

I asked him if I could feature him in my blog, and he kindly agreed (another reason to be proud)!!

Amy Winehouse, by Paul Watson (copyrighted)

 Here is a little bit of his work, and also I wanted to introduce my lovely readers to him, because, it is worth watching. Please note that all the images are copyrighted by Paul Watson, and if you want more details of his work, please go to his website :) . I just picked a few, but was really hard to choose. He also has landscapes, architecture, and all kinds of beautiful pictures in his website.

 U2 by Paul Watson (copyrighted)

Here is Paul and me, walking in Stowe (England)

And here is a pic of me he took (what a honor!)

Thank you so much, Paul!! 

♥♥ England rules ♥♥

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