Thursday, November 28, 2013

Special guest: Stylish Irina, USA

Irina... Don't you think it is a lovely name?
I'm not gonna bore you today! I love the States. Period. And I love Irina's style.
She is a super stylish fashion blogger from by beloved States and (as usual) was really hard to pic an outfit, because she is really versatile. So if you are not married with one style in fashion, her blog is a great place for you to visit:
Fashionista, classy, pretty, what else to ask?
And the reason why I picked this outfit, is because you might know by now that I almost always use boots with short skirts and also leggins, but my legs are almost never naked, and to add a classy twist to a daily outfit, taking the leggins and the boots away and changing them for nice heels as the ones she is wearing is a great idea. She looks really elegant, ready for a party or a fancy dinner. Black is never boring if you know how to wear it, like mixing textures, for example the lace top she is wearing. I really love the outfit and you know I love water backgrounds! And well, the magnificent NYC behind her (I am dying to go!), beautiful!!
Thank you so much, Irina!

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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