Friday, November 22, 2013

Special guest: Colorful Iris, from Netherlands

Everybody should know by now that I love crazy combinations, edgy fashion, and colors! The most, the better. I don't think I wanna be the kind of person that no one notices. That's why I love Iris' blog. It is full of color and she even has the color in her name: IRIS. I wanted to have that name when I was a kid. Now I love mine as well, but this one is defo very pretty, reminds us the eyes, the rainbow, and colors!
Iris is from the Netherlands, and she has a very unique sense of style, with an edgy touch, and always adding a bright color to her outfits, or a very particular piece that makes the whole outfit stand out. You gotta love it! Check her blog!!
Was extremely hard for me to pick an outfit because I even think our style is quite alike: She loves tartan, animal print, and hats; but the reason why I picked this outfit is because I find very brave to mix neon yellow with pink, and together with black and grey, and I don't think I would have ever dared after I saw her! She shines and she rocks! Beautiful Iris is from The Netherlands (I haven't had a guest from the Netherlands in some months) but in this series of pictures she is having a holiday in London! One of my favorite cities! Lucky her! :)
Thank you so much, Iris!

About me: I am feeling way much better!! In one or two days I'll be perfect again :)

♥♥ Netherlands ♥♥

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