Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Special guest: Beautiful Zsazsa, from Indonesia

She told me her name (that I love) means Lily Flower. I think it is cute and romantic just as her! 
She is lovely Zsazsa from Indonesia. She talks in her blog about fashion in Indonesia with great photos of the runways and she also has many very cute outfits. Her style is romantic and simple. So if you like flowers, lace, or soft textures, this is the place for you to visit: http://callonfashionduty.blogspot.com/ Check it out!
She also has many pictures of fashion events where she has been (that seem really cool!)
And about Indonesia, it is a place I am dying to know (I know I say that all the time, but I can't help it!!), specially Jakarta, just as the Zsazsa: cute, smart, sweet, and with a very particular romantic sense of style, I hope her blog grows a lot.
 The reason why I chose this outfit is because I never use skirts under the knee (neither maxi skirts, of course), and you might know by now I don't like denim, but that doesn't mean they don't look fabulous! Flowers with denim become a little less soft (which can be good, if you don't wanna look like a Monet paining), and also flowers with denim take away  a little bit of the strength or hardness of denim. Her shoes seem super comfy, so this outfit is chic and also good for walking. Would be perfect for a day at the mall!
Thank you so much, Zsazsa, you are lovely!!

I love hats! This one is from Zara.

♥♥ Indonesia ♥♥

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