Thursday, November 14, 2013

Special guest: Jessie, I love Aussies

If they would ask me to choose a country to live for a year starting next week, probably it would be Australia. Beach, surf, cute boys (and girls), amazing animals, nature and on and on!!! I have had some Aussie guests in here and they are the best. They always reply to me immediately, they are always in a good mood, they dedicate long mails or texts to me, and they are energetic and smiling people.
Well, many reasons why I love them! And here is Jessie, that is no exception. Beautiful, with a huge sincere smile, stylish and sweet! I picked this outfit because it is not cold in all the world. In Latin America, Africa, and Australia (that I can think now) it is really warm and in some countries they are in summer! So, I found this outfit really chic and cool for a warm day. I absolutely love monochrome, and I fell in love with her shoes and her watch. The sunglasses are also priceless. I need to get some pieces like the ones she is wearing!
I need to let my hair grow up more, I think hers is stunning! Check her blog:
Thank you so much, Jessie!

♥♥ Australia ♥♥

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