Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Special guest: Charming Carolyn, USA

I miss the USA, I miss the USA, I miss the USA... That's all I'm gonna say about the USA right now. But lovely Carolyn is from the States :) I love how she holds the camera (I can never do that) and I love her outfit. She has big eyes, lovely hair, and a style that I love! I'm defo gonna get inspired from some of her outfits to create mine! :) Check her blog! http://ccmcafeeperspectivewiw.blogspot.mx/
And the reason why I picked this outfit is because, as you might know, I am not a huge fan of pants, and I had a pair of ted ones pretty much as hers like one year ago, but I was totally convinced that they fitted me horrible, so at the end I cut them to be shorts and I hated them as well... Now I'm kinda regretting it because I think she looks gorgeous and the total outfit is great. The boots outside to keep the legs warm, red and stripes, and a beautiful necklace outside the turtle neck! Love it! :)
OK, red pants, I'm gonna give you another try!
Thank you so much Carolyn!

Perfect Autumn outfit: Warm, comfy and good for a walk!

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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