Saturday, November 2, 2013

Special guest: Super pretty Eda from Turkey

Honestly, I am a little sad (OK, not a little, a freaking lot...) because I am leaving to Mexico soon without Andrew. He needs to stay in Norway for a while, and although we are gonna meet again like in two months, this year has been one of the best years in my life and the idea of being without him even if it is from a little period of time is killing me, so, obviously, I am not in the mood for pictures or makeup tutorials. I'll be fine, I am strong, but I think it is allowed to feel sad every now and then. So perhaps I won't be posting pictures about me until next week or so.
However, I don't really have to worry about updating my blog with MY outfits, since I have meet beautiful and lovely people from all over the world in IFB. And today is the turn of Eda. From Turkey!
I know I'm gonna say what I've said a million times about all countries: I'm dying to visit Turkey. But I can't help it!! Every country I find and every girl I meet from different countries is so fabulous, that the impotence of traveling all the way to the end of Earth and back sometimes makes me a little bit sad as well. So many things to see, so many lovely people to meet, many things to learn, history to understand, and so and so.

Well... I think I'm gonna play the lottery, and perhaps what I'm gonna say sucks: but if I win, I don't think about houses or apartments or cars, I think about traveling everywhere with my bf!!! (And buying him a big nice guitar, that's his obsession).
And one of those persons that would be lovely to meet is Eda. My today's special guest. I think it should be illegal to be that pretty, she makes me look like an old witch! She has a couple of pictures in her blog without makeup and she looks even prettier! Perfect face features. Check her blog: I love her outfits. Ultra feminine but with an edgy touch. Awesome pics!

I chose this outfit because it is super appropriate for autumn, warm, but not super warm, and she mixes light and dark colors, and we always need some light in Autumn-Winter, and because on the pictures, the magnificent Istambul is on the back! I think she is lovely, and I love the outfit. And well, I don't have to say (again) my obsession with animals, specially cats, and this cat looks exactly as Indiana Jones, my mom's cat, I just wanna hold it all day!!
Thank you so much, Eda!

Remember: A deep red sweater, jersey or cardigan is a must in everyone's closet.

♥♥ Turkey ♥♥

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