Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Special guest: Stunning Fae from Philippines

Today my lovely guest is Fae, from the wonderful Philippines! I've never been there but the people I know who has, keeps on telling me how wonderful the place is. Cross your fingers for me so I win the lottery and I travel all over the world with Andrew! :) And all the people from Philippines I've had the chance to meet are so cool and friendly!
I love her smile, I love her style, and how sweet she is. She is eclectic and you can find in her blog all kinds of outfits and mixes, and to me that is really great because you will never get bored. Her blog is about a person that doesn't stay only in her comfort zone and explores options each time farther and riskier!
Here is her url: http://faebulousstory.wordpress.com/
The reason why I chose this outfit is because I never thought about puffy boots with floral pants but I loved it because the whole outfit is very Autumn-y but still, with the flowers, it adds a touch of life, color and joy!
Thank you so much, Fae!!

♥♥ Philippines ♥♥

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