Saturday, November 9, 2013

Special guest: Delightful Krystin, Canada

When I was in Norway, every now and then I walked the neighbor's dog, Suzie, on the mountain where we live. And now, in the City, I walk Lorenzo every day, and although it is nice, it is not nearly as nice as in the mountains. But in the mountains, same as any town close to them, it is hard to stay warm, comfy and looking great at the same time. That's why I chose this outfit. And well, she is with her dog and we all know I have a massive crush on animals!! :)
I think Norway and Canada are alike in so many things. I can't wait to go there. And also she is wearing perfect Autumn colors! I love the outfit. I think the glasses are the perfect touch. To make things even "worse" she is beautiful and has a lovely smile :)
Her style is easy, relaxed, comfy, feminine, so, check her blog! :)
Thank you so much, Krystin! Love your blog.

Awwww, I wanna pet her dog :)

♥♥ Canada ♥♥

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