Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Special guest: Charming Heidi, USA

I was scared of purple since I didn't know how to wear it a couple of years ago, but it is a super versatile color that goes with everything. In this case, my beautiful friend Heidi, from the USA is weairing it with neutral colors to soften it and match it with autumn. Autumn is the season of neutral and nude colors, but in my opinion, there is no reason to put the solid ones (like this beautiful pair of purple pants) aside. And since I am not a pants person, I think that showing a beautiful combination like the one Heidi is using, gives my readers other great options for their Autumn outfits. And if you substitute the sweater for a tank top it is ideal for warm countries as well!
The scarf is fabulous! I want it :)

Heidi is a fashion blogger since 2010 (way much longer than me), and in her blog you'll find wonderful make up tips, lots of color, and many prints (I am crazy about prints). At the same time she is minimalist, doesn't use many accessories, or many prints together, so, if you think I am a little bit eccentric or that I use too many things every now and then, her blog is a great choice to visit: . She is addicted to all kinds of jeans, and I check her blog all the time specially because many readers can't live without them, so it is a true inspiration! I hope you like it.
Thank you, Heidi!

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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