Thursday, November 7, 2013

Special guest: Sexy Alice, glorious Italy

I am super delayed with my entries with my lovely special guests, from all over the world. Lovely girls have said yes, they want to appear in my blog (what a honor) and I think I need to sit down and post like 50 entries in one day because I feel horrible to keep them waiting, specially after they have been so nice to me.
One of them is stunning Alice. She is the example of the Italian girl: Stylish, sexy, confident, with dark hair and a beautiful body. And super sexy. She has many pictures in her blog where she appears extremely sexy, yet stylish! And I love that in all of them she exudes self confidence! I need to learn a little bit of that! Check her blog! .
The reason why I picked this outfit is because I NEVER thought about using a LBD with tennis shoes (walking shoes, knickers, whatever... you get the idea) and I loved it!! What better way to look chic and casual but still feel comfy and be able to walk and walk and walk?? I am gonna do that. Defo!
And also, because the pictures she took are in Bergamo, and honestly I never heard about it until I read the entry she wrote. I mean, we all know all the story about Italy, but basically we just hear about Milan, Rome, Venice, Pisa and Florence. I wanna go to Bergamo now too! Can I stay with you, Alice? ;)
Anyway, I hope you enjoy. I think she looks great!
Thank you so much, Alice!


♥♥ Italy ♥♥

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