Friday, November 22, 2013

Special guest: Beautiful Olya, from Ukraine

Beautiful, charming and with a very simple and chic style, let me introduce you to beautiful Olya, from Ukraine. She is a jeans-addict, so, although I didn't pick an outfit with jeans for this entry, if you are one of those girls that can't live without jeans, her blog is the perfect one for you to visit, because that is what she mainly wears, and she is very good at it., she always looks chic (even in a country or a beach day). She is beautiful, and friendly and her blog includes many fashion trends and tips as well. Check it out! :) About Ukraine, I love Ukrainians. They are always lovely and sweet., so I'm gonna skip all that for now.
The reason why I picked this outfit, is because I would have never chose this dress to be part of my outfit, and even less mixed it with red, but I totally love how it looks all together. Sometimes is very hard to know if an outfit is gonna work until you see it on you or on someone else. Good work! :) And it is also perfect for Autumn. Warm but not too much :)
Thank you so much, Olya!

Her boots are Jimmy Choo! I am so jealous! :)

♥♥ Ukaine ♥♥

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